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  • Sitz Bones?

    One of the most important concepts to understand in your own body during a Pilates class specifically and movement in general is where your pelvis is in space. This class is focused on learning how to use your pelvic position to optimize efficient movement through a basic Pilates mat sequence. ...

  • Oov for Hips

    Enjoy a fun workout on the Oov using the Magic Circle for an extra stability challenge along with several opportunities for hip stretching and strengthening. There are a couple of fun bloopers in this video...I decided to keep them in to resist the urge for "perfection". Part of the fun of the ...

  • Oov Tutorial

    The Oov is a fascinating and powerful piece of equipment that makes every Pilates exercise more dynamic. In this short tutorial I explain the parts of the Oov and give specific instructions on how to get on your Oov properly. My biggest takeaway from my Oov training was "if it doesn't feel righ...

  • Oov #3

    Enjoy some left to right side balance challenges with this full-length Oov class! We go through lots of positions on the Oov throughout the class, and get to end with one of my favorite foot-fascia-opening sequences in standing.

  • Foam Rolling From Home

  • Oov in Quarantine #2

    This is a full-length Oov class that uses a lightweight resistance band throughout as a prop. Additionally, you will want a small cushion or a folded up hand towel for you head positioning. Because this was filmed during the Stay at Home Order time period, my 10-year-old daughter assisted me th...

  • Oov in Quarantine #1

    This is a basic Oov mat class that only requires your oov and a small cushion or towel for propping up your head. It was my first video-making attempt in a brave new world. Enjoy!

  • Fascial Release with All-Balls - June 21, 2020

    This is one of my favorite types of classes! Using two 4-inch All-Balls, this class moves through various exercises and releases that will leave your body feeling more spacious and less restricted. I also use a tennis ball and a yoga block during this class. Enjoy!!

  • Bone Density Class - June 11, 2020

    The first five minutes of this class are a tutorial about safe movement for clients with bone density issues. That being said, I think this class is absolutely appropriate for any client. Props used include a small towel, a light resistance band, a tennis ball, a Pilates ball and a Carex roll. ...

  • Breathing and Pilates

    The first ten-minutes of this class is a brief tutorial outlines the importance of breath with a good Pilates practice. The rest of the video incorporates these principles into movement using a foam roller. It is a great class for a beginner as well as for a more advanced mover who wants to ret...

  • Pilates Props for Mat Classes

    Oov: https://www.pilates.com/store/oov
    Magic Circle: https://www.pilates.com/store/accessories/rings-circles/ultra-fit-circle
    Franklin Balls: https://www.pilates.com/store/accessories/balls/franklin-smooth-ball
    Pilates Ball: https://www.pilates.com/store/accessories/balls/inflatable-ball

  • Oov Class - Flex or Point?

    This is a full-length Oov class the explores how our kinetic chain reacts to the positioning of our feet. It is fun to see how our movements are different during an exercise like the Roll-Up just by changing from a flexed foot to a pointed toe. Functionally, it might give us some information ab...

  • Me and My Mat - and My Cats

    Filmed during the quarantine, this full-length mat class features spinal mobility in all planes of movement. It also has special guest appearances by my two felines: Thelma and Louise. No props are necessary, but a chair for balance and a folded up towel for head positioning do come in handy. ...

  • Osteo-Safe Magic Circle Class - July 1, 2020

    This is a great class for all bodies, but is designed specifically to be safe for those with osteopenia and osteoporosis. Honestly, these are the movements I love the most regardless of one's bone density! Lots of neutral spine stability work and back strengthening through extension and shoulde...

  • Oov #5: A Typical Friday Class

    This is a full-length Oov class that emulates what happens during a regular Oov class. If you are thinking of joining our 10:30 Zoom class on Fridays, but aren't sure what it entails, this is a great class for you! Also, it is a great substitute class if you have to miss a Friday session. Enjoy!

  • Walking on the Oov - October 20, 2020

    How can Pilates help with walking? First, with better posture we set ourselves up for better movement. Second, by taking care of our feet (flexibility and strength) we gain obvious benefits for each step taken. Finally, by working on loosening sticky hips and ribs and then strengthening the mu...